Gold Coast shop fitter office

The goal of Gold Coast Shopfitters & Co is always to exceed the bare minimum in terms of service, and this allows us to really get the fit-out you want for a highly reasonable price. Our company aims to bring you economical fit-outs that feature great value for money without ever sacrificing on the quality of the service or outcome that you get, and we can bring you more:

  • Quality Restaurant Design & Adherence to Regulations

For businesses which cater food, beverages and other food-related services, we make sure that health and safety is of paramount consideration. We know that there is a need for the permits and other laws that must be complied with.

  • Competent Fit-Out Professionals

Our team of professional shop fitters is dedicated to making every detail of the job in accordance to the plan. With us, you will have the peace of mind knowing that we are able to deliver projects on time and to the established budget.

Excellent Links With The Most Reputable Suppliers in Australia

As your registered and best office fit-out company that’s been in the works on projects in QLD, Australia for countless years, we have the best products and office fit-out materials, furniture, and fixtures from reputable manufacturers and suppliers in Australia.  Reach out to us today!